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An entrance or, in the context of real estate, the right to enter a property.
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A way of entry.

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The ECM is a central mechanism in such events as ingression of primary mesenchyme, neural crest cell migration, vascularization of bone, wound repair, and metastasis that involve cell migrations and transitions llmeen epithelial and mesenchymal phenotypes.
Finally, furrow initiation appears to be more robust than ingression and abscission, as only a small subset of the activated eggs that showed furrow activity tended to complete cytokinesis.
(42) The subject, in breaking the eternal object free from its prior ingression, can value it more or value it less than it had previously been valued, and it does so as a function of its own developing effort to achieve concreteness.
I would prefer to call this dearth of the public realm a lack of public place--an absence of concrete, perceptible locales that allow for bodily ingression as well as for collective historicity.
These behaviors include invagination (the coordinated movement of sheets of cells into the interior of the embryo); epiboly (the spreading of cells over the surface of the embryo); delamination (mitoses in which the spindle is oriented perpendicular to the embryo surface, resulting in one daughter remaining on the surface and the other entering the blasto-coel); and ingression (during which cells detach from the epithelial layer of the blastula and migrate into the embryo as individuals; Keller et al., 2003).
Interface pressures were assessed before installation in accordance with NZS 7649:1988-1 mm Hole Test [8] and then the pipe assemblies were assessed by "accelerated horizontal root ingression" at Adelaide Botanic Gardens (Australia).
This finding speaks volumes about the complexity of the molecular processes that partition the embryo into distinct territories: before the ingression of the skeletogenic cells, a suite of embryonic territories have been established, and each now expresses a set of genes characteristic of its regulatory state (Davidson, 2006).
The [T.sub.g]'s decreased substantially due to water ingression, and again, linearly with rubber concentration.
Gastrulation mechanisms vary widely between species and may involve unipolar or multipolar ingression, multipolar or secondary delamination, invagination, epiboly, or a combination of these processes (Cary, 1910; Uchida and Yamada, 1968; Fautin et al., 1989; Conn, 1991).
At least five distinct phenomena are involved during dissolution of PLGA in chloroform: 1) solvent ingression into the polymer particle, 2) particle swelling, 3) chain disentanglement, or reptation, 4) chain disengagement from the solvent-gel interface, and 5) chain diffusion across the liquid boundary layer.
The mechanisms of such late ingression of endodermal cells are, however, unknown.
heteroclitus occurs by the ingression of superficial deep cells at the margin of the blastoderm during early epiboly (stage 13-[13.sup.1/2], 12 hpf at 25 [degrees] C; Trinkaus, 1996).