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An entrance or, in the context of real estate, the right to enter a property.


A way of entry.

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As defined by Oxford Dictionary, ingress is the action or fact of going in or entering.
D&R perceived the importance of thoroughly inspecting water ingress in the vehicle front end from different openings and understand how the vehicle can be designed for optimal splash protection.
First, strategy for ingress and egress is associated with both design variables and subject characteristics in an interactive way.
For instance a car door would normally withstand water ingress.
A new range of user-friendly features, initially available on the recently redesigned Sienta, will consist of dealer-fitted options such as grip handles and side support pads that help occupants maintain posture during ingress and egress and while traveling.
It is being developed by Google Niantic, makers of the critically acclaimed AR MMORPG game, Ingress.
If the skies are clear on the part of the planet facing us during ingress, but clouds cover the side facing us during egress, starlight reflected off the clouds would shift the bright spot so that it appears after the eclipse.
The second digit represents the protection against the ingress of liquids.
One of those players is Janet Yeung, a 46-year-old mum of two from Southport who has been playing Ingress since last summer using the name MightyBaker.
PlumePen[R] Elite is the only surgical plume evacuation pencil that features an over-molded design which minimizes the possibility of fluid ingress and provides the surgeon with a grip that is optimized for comfort.
Technically, IP stands for International Protection, but is more commonly known as Ingress Protection and is a set of ratings designed to provide a reliable standard for determining the level of protection offered by an enclosure against solid objects and water.
The hairline fracture in the structure was detected which led to ingress of sea water into the system.