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Information services

Organizations that furnish investment and other types of information, such as information that helps a firm monitor its cash position.

Information Services

A company that provides individuals and other companies with research and advisory services. Many information service companies sell advisory letters. Some companies research and discuss broad macroeconomic trends, while others offer specific advice, providing in-depth coverage of one or two stocks. Still other companies provide both kinds of services. Many information service companies also create benchmark indices. Some information service companies are also registered investment advisors.
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With the additions, the CompuServe Information Service continues to offer the most comprehensive and valuable set of services for a flat fee of any general online information service.
In addition to the CompuServe Information Service, CompuServe Incorporated provides frame relay, wide and local area networking services, business and information services and software to major corporations and government agencies worldwide.
Evaluators will not have the luxury of being able to collect all the data they might want about a particular networked information service due to lack of time, limited budget, inability to acquire the needed information, and a host of other reasons.
The Seattle Times InfoLine is a free telephone information service that was introduced in 1987 by Times Information Services.
The Software & Information Industry Association recognized Factiva as the 2003 Codie Awards winner in the Best Online Business News or Information Service and Best Online Professional Financial Information Service categories.
Recent allegations of staged and erroneous energy transactions used to manipulate pricing indices have put industry pricing publications and electronic information services under increased scrutiny.
The Chain Information Service contains over 250 detailed chain and company profiles, with over 600 pages of facts and news on concept development, expansion plans, menu development, financial results, promotional activity, and much more.
Sports enthusiasts can dial the nation's first live cellular information service, (star)SPORT, and talk with a live sports information specialist.
com), announced today the release of SearchBeam, a content-enrichment product that gives Information Service providers such as Directory Assistance (DA) companies or online Yellow Pages a reliable and innovative method to automatically enhance, augment, and update listing data with information collected from the web.
Knight-Ridder is an international communications company engaged in newspaper publishing, business news and information services, electronic retrieval services, news, graphics and photo services, cable television and newsprint manufacturing.
Michael Weintraub, Founder, Chairman and CEO of MindSet Marketing Solutions LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona, has joined the board of directors for SK&A Information Services effective this month.

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