Information services

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Information services

Organizations that furnish investment and other types of information, such as information that helps a firm monitor its cash position.

Information Services

A company that provides individuals and other companies with research and advisory services. Many information service companies sell advisory letters. Some companies research and discuss broad macroeconomic trends, while others offer specific advice, providing in-depth coverage of one or two stocks. Still other companies provide both kinds of services. Many information service companies also create benchmark indices. Some information service companies are also registered investment advisors.
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Would the provider of the networked information service receive more or better benefits by reallocating resources to new or different information services?
com), announced today the release of SearchBeam, a content-enrichment product that gives Information Service providers such as Directory Assistance (DA) companies or online Yellow Pages a reliable and innovative method to automatically enhance, augment, and update listing data with information collected from the web.
The two reports--Chain Information Service and Menu Information Service--are designed to work in tandem, providing chain operators and suppliers with the most extensive collection of facts and figures on chains available today.
The Research and Information Services Department itself plays a significant role in promoting cost-efficiency as a coordinator of database access.
Therefore, a new division--the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division--has been established to consolidate the FBI's criminal justice services and associated information systems.
The combination of grid storage technology with Permabit Dynamic Information Services lends compelling advantages including:
SK&A Information Services has profiled its entire database of over 600,000 office-based physicians to determine which offices accept credit cards, and which brand(s) of cards they accept.
a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp.
Michael Weintraub, Founder, Chairman and CEO of MindSet Marketing Solutions LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona, has joined the board of directors for SK&A Information Services effective this month.
Under the agreement, AVNET Applied Computing Solutions, a leading global supplier of computing technologies and services, will team with Permabit to offer Permabit Dynamic Information Services as fully configured software and hardware solutions through Avnet's worldwide reseller channel.
For the first time, SK&A Information Services makes available a unique database of much-sought-after home addresses for doctors, dentists and nurses.

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