information asymmetry

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Information asymmetry

Condition that information is known to some, but not all, participants.

information asymmetry

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Information asymmetry theory also is supported by the findings of this study.
Splitting the simpler market-making business from the complex "hedgie" part would reduce the balance sheet risks of the former and, more importantly, reduce the information asymmetry between the market-making business and outsiders (as it is the hedge fund part of the complex financial firms that is the primary source of information asymmetry).
There is no industry that encompasses the degree of information asymmetry, ethical complexity, and moral hazard inherent in medicine.
This study further checks the information asymmetry with EGARCH (1,1) model.
The markets already know the implications because there is full knowledge and no information asymmetry.
As the economic viability of the four-party system became almost entirely dependent on higher deductibles, copayments, and the exclusion of preexisting conditions, insurance companies institutionalized seller-side information asymmetry.
Accounting for Software Development Costs and Information Asymmetry.
Goleman describes how environmental groups and even progressive companies are trying to overcome the current information asymmetry, where consumers are unable to make informed choices about the impacts of their purchases.
In response to the question investigated and the objective proposed, the results for the Pred_Err variable do not warrant a claim that information asymmetry is one of the determinants of the capital structure and cost of equity capital of Brazilian public companies, leading to the rejection of the research hypotheses.
This information asymmetry is caused by the fact that agent has privileged information about his or her skills.
In particular, the fragility of equilibrium existence and corresponding phase even under mixed strategies showcases major challenges arising from ex post moral hazard under information asymmetry.
He said that standardizing of the accounting practices help in mitigating the problem of information asymmetry between various stake holders such as managers, owners and creditors.

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