information asymmetry

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Information asymmetry

Condition that information is known to some, but not all, participants.
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information asymmetry

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'New technology and big data can also be employed to reduce the cost of information asymmetry between the financial sector and SMEs.'
Regardless of accounting rules and market oversight, managers of companies always have an incentive to obfuscate and indulge in practices that are risky/mala fide, especially given the information asymmetry that will always be present.
This paper's main contribution to the existing literature is the analysis of the relationship of the participants in health care services and health care funding when information asymmetry between them is two-sided.
There is scope for both market failure (information asymmetry) and government failure (capture) in lending to firms, and so the best approach is probably somewhere between these extremes.
Unlike the debate in economic history on the efficacy of price controls, the intention here is to remove the artificial controls of the elites/cartels- that wrongly exploit the underlying weak market frameworks and high levels of information asymmetry, among other factors, prevalent all the more in a developing country-context specifically- in reaching the true price signals; those that correspond to the correct forces of demand and supply, and allow reaching a socially and economically responsible price, in both the real and financial markets.
Further, the Kencoin value being marketed as exponentially rising since its initial offering poses substantive information asymmetry, liquidity and fraud risks, the CMA said.
Pinkowitz, Stulz, and Williamson (2006) believed that when the firms perform in markets with no agency or information asymmetry problems, the cost of external financing is similar to that of internal financing.
class="MsoNormalWith the proliferation of mobile technology, it is possible to tackle information asymmetry that has left smallholder farmers vulnerable to the machinations of unscrupulous brokers.
Collaborating with BOScoin, Nature Mobility plans to introduce a platform based on reliable data and address the information asymmetry issue which occurs in the entire cycle of purchasing a new car, renting, sharing, selling a used car and scrapping.
The only reason the intermediation existed was that there was a huge information asymmetry in the market.

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