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Describing a company or economy that engages largely or exclusively in the manufacture of products. An industrial company, for example, makes a good, which it then sells either to retailers or directly to consumers. An industrial economy is characterized by having a disproportionate amount of its GDP growth in industrial companies and government agencies. See also: Industrial Revolution.


Of or related to companies engaged in the manufacture of products. The word also can refer to firms engaged in distribution. For example, Sears is classified as an industrial company for purposes of calculating the Dow Jones Averages, but it is included as a retailer rather than as an industrial in Fortune magazine's annual survey of America's largest firms.
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Among the industrially less developed states, the level of productivity was Rs.
The attitudes and experiences of 70 war pensioners and 110 industrially injured people in receipt of pensions are used to illustrate the potential for informal care and local authority services, aimed at normalizing the lives of disabled people, to threaten the integrity of the household upon which their personal perception of normality rests.
8 billion, 98 percent of which will be industrially funded; * Machinery--$14.
TFA intake is mostly linked to consumption of industrially produced, partially hydrogenated oils.
LU's freshwater unit has garnered an international reputation for its work in aquatic ecology on Canadian lakes damaged by acid rain and in assessing industrially damaged ecosystems.
This MicroBric is industrially hardened to thrive in tough environments, according to the company.
Boldly coloured pottery by Clarice Cliff was sold very cheaply in Woolworths, Rene Lalique's factory made glassware in the thousands, Doulton & Co and Wedgwood mass produced porcelain figurines, industrially moulded Bakelite radios were manufactured in huge quantities.
And the Laotian Organizing Project was cited for its environmental justice work in industrially polluted Richmond, California.
These chemicals, which include butadiene, beryllium oxide, furans, sodium chromate, and dibutyl phthalate, are widely used industrially in such items as paints, varnishes, printing inks, and adhesives.
Phthalates are used industrially as solvents and also as softeners to make plastics more flexible, and they're commonly found in food wrap, paint, medical supplies, pesticides, and nail polish.

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