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Describing a company or economy that engages largely or exclusively in the manufacture of products. An industrial company, for example, makes a good, which it then sells either to retailers or directly to consumers. An industrial economy is characterized by having a disproportionate amount of its GDP growth in industrial companies and government agencies. See also: Industrial Revolution.
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Of or related to companies engaged in the manufacture of products. The word also can refer to firms engaged in distribution. For example, Sears is classified as an industrial company for purposes of calculating the Dow Jones Averages, but it is included as a retailer rather than as an industrial in Fortune magazine's annual survey of America's largest firms.
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Bihar has been placed the top position while Andhra Pradesh at the bottom as the industrially less developed states of the country.
In his 1997 book Heirloom Vegetable Gardening (Henry Holt and Company), William Woys Weaver argues that conventional, industrially produced hybrids may fall prey to the same problem.
This follows a report by organising services manager Laila Harre in which she raised the issue of how NZNO related to its midwife members and whether NZNO could or should continue to represent midwives industrially.
Di-n-hexyl phthalate: Occurs in industrially important phthalates such as di-isohexyl phthalate (up to 25%) and C6-10 phthalate (up to 1%).
Believing that military security depended upon a modernized and industrially competitive France, Michelin selectively embraced aspects of American mass production techniques, notably scientific management and Fordism.
NIST staff recently completed work on Key Comparison 3 of the Consultative Committee on Thermometry (CCT-K3), which compares realizations of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) over the industrially important temperature range -189 [degrees]C to 660 [degrees]C.
Each workstation features an industrially hardened touch-panel PC equipped with the Siemens SIMATIC WinAC controller.
The Coat of Arms represents Birmingham's medieval origins as well as its role as a city of European status, both industrially and culturally.
SB 1128 also would find and declare that "unemployment insurance, workers' compensation insurance and state disability insurance, are part of a comprehensive and integrated social insurance program designed to alleviate the burden and reduce the suffering from a covered employee's loss of wages as a result of involuntary unemployment, industrially caused disability, or disability of a non-occupational nature."
Jean-Claude Depoil, regional head of the French farming union, admitted 80 per cent of industrially produced meat in France was tainted with illegal hormones and antibiotics linked to cancer.
Today, while a prominent architectural critic may laud a newer, industrially influenced techno-pop design, a community activist decries its clear glass Lincoln Log effect.
Driving along roads awash with cattle and herdsmen, I was struck by the contradiction of a country which is both industrially developed and yet maintains a basically peasant rural population.

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