industrial sector

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A set of securities or individual companies that are similar to each other. For example, all automotive companies in the United States are said to belong to the American automotive sector. See also: Industry.

industrial sector

that part of the economy concerned with the production of INTERMEDIATE PRODUCTS (iron and steel, machinery and equipment, etc.) and FINAL PRODUCTS (washing machines, furniture, etc.)

The industrial sector, together with the PRIMARY SECTOR and SERVICE SECTOR, form an interlocking chain of economic activities that constitute a modern economy. See STRUCTURE OF INDUSTRY.

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The source pointed out that the services sector is very important, and most countries in the world give priority to this sector along with the industrial sector, stressing that it still needs more funding.
Omanis working directly in the industrial sector in general is still below
UNIDO is implementing a Global Environment Facility (GEF)-funded project in the industrial sector and the launch of SEI is to avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by developing and promoting a market environment.
The new criteria will prompt industrial sectors willing to adopt cleaner technologies, ultimately resulting in generation of fewer pollutants.
The agreement was reached between the national industrial committee at the CSC and the PIF to support the industrial sector in the Kingdom.
He also said in a statement on Tuesday that the industrial sector faces a series of challenges due to internal and external factors, including the consequences of the financial crisis and the global economic situation.
He said during a meeting with representatives of local and national organisations working in the industrial sector, that the industrial sector is a key driver in the performance of the national economy, as its contribution to the GDP of the country in 2012 ranged between 11 and 15 per cent, saying that the country pays a special attention to the industry.
BEIRUT: Shoring up the Lebanese industrial sector is key for restoring economic stability, said officials who celebrated the "Lebanese Industry Day" Monday.
Among the major problems that face the industrial sector in Kuwait are the lack of storage spaces, plots of lands allocated for industrial purposes and high rents," Abdul Jaleel Boland, a consultant to Kuwait-based Al-Ahleia Switchgear Company, told KUNA.
The report further expects the movement of additional investment capital in the industrial sector, highlighting the fact that the industrial sector has witnessed some significant and stable developments recently.
However, the balance of trade of the industrial sector remains negative (-3,471.
The West has performed the worst, with its office sector experience a -6 percent rate of decline and its industrial sector experience a -4 percent rate of decline.

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