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To date, five enterprises are already operating in the industrial park," Abbasov said, adding that "thus, the total number of operating residents of the industrial park will be 10.
He said the Department of Trade and Industry would assist China in 'locating proper land parcels' for the industrial parks.
Asad Umar asked the officials concerned to prepare a feasibility within three months for an industrial park in Jalalpur Pirwala.
July 13, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Ethiopia which intends to become Africa's leading manufacturing powerhouse, on Wednesday inaugurated a giant industrial park which is believed to boost exports.
He said the plant would ensure uninterrupted power supply to factories at Rachna Industrial Park.
registration of the industrial park" and "Rules of Registry residents of the industrial park.
In fact, foreigners' interest for production premises in industrial parks in Estonia has picked up again.
aaa The new industrial park aims to promote the industrial sector and employment in the port's vicinity and meet the significant increase of the port's capacity.
Recycling facilities at the proposed industrial park would include those following all steps along the chain, from sorting and processing of recyclables to the manufacturing and marketing of end products.
The Brooklyn Navy Yard was once America's number-one ship-building center, and today it stands as New York City's foremost industrial park," said Eric Deutsch, president of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, which manages the Navy Yard.
Three fully serviced industrial parks, zoned M1, road, rail, airport access

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