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Describing a company or economy that engages largely or exclusively in the manufacture of products. An industrial company, for example, makes a good, which it then sells either to retailers or directly to consumers. An industrial economy is characterized by having a disproportionate amount of its GDP growth in industrial companies and government agencies. See also: Industrial Revolution.


Of or related to companies engaged in the manufacture of products. The word also can refer to firms engaged in distribution. For example, Sears is classified as an industrial company for purposes of calculating the Dow Jones Averages, but it is included as a retailer rather than as an industrial in Fortune magazine's annual survey of America's largest firms.
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Electric Controls and Systems, Inc, PO Box 100816, 5639 Millers Industrial Boulevard, Birmingham, AL, 35210 tel: 205/833-9900 fax: 205/833-9905#
In Suffolk, which has almost twice as much industrial space as Nassau, the vacancy rate fell to 5.
Industrial biotechnology now enables the production of ethanol transportation fuel from corn and cellulosic biomass such as crop residues (corn stover, wheat straw, rice straw, etc.
Industrial liners, the second largest industrial film sector, represented a little over 1.
The updating of source data for IP in the 2001 annual revision will include annual data from the 1999 Bureau of the Census Annual Survey of Manufactures and from selected editions of its 1999 and 2000 Current Industrial Reports.
The business and industrial leaders who opposed the pollution reformers also understood the importance of the state, but for them the state was an instrument to protect their interests.
Madison Avenue Handbook, a resource guide to producers of industrials, is available in the business division, Main Branch, New York Public Library.
The case against industrial policy can also be summarized in one word: bureaucracy.
Industrial Bank was more than prepared for any financial problem.
I don't anticipate any large industrial building this year," said Rolf Vasbotn, the city's chief building official.
Our biggest challenge is convincing the public and its elected officials that the industrial forestlands can be managed for timber production while ensuring a high degree of environmental protection," he says.

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