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1. The payee's signature on the back of a check indicating that the payee has received the check. Banks require that payees endorse checks before they may be cashed or deposited.

2. An amendment to a document, especially an insurance policy. Informally, they are called riders.


An owner's signature that serves to transfer the legal rights to a negotiable certificate to another party.


(also spelled indorsement) Placing one's signature on the back of a check or other negotiable instrument in order to transfer ownership to another.Endorsers warrant payment of the instrument unless they sign with the additional words “without recourse.”

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As with indorsement, this holder-in-due-course feature made negotiable debt more acceptable in exchange.
In particular, while the concept of holder in due course is of limited applicability in modern situations (see for example, Mann 1999, 445-47) the notion of indorsement and the conditional liability that it implies are still relevant.
This means that even if the indorsement and delivery did not occur, the trust would still have standing to foreclose.
If so, then the trust cannot enforce the notes unless it is a person entitled to enforce under Article 3, which, in most cases, requires indorsement and delivery.
The plaintiff filed the original note, which showed an indorsement to another person, but no indorsement to the plaintiff.
2011 (2010) requires an indorsement for a transferee to become a "holder," if the instrument is payable to a specific person, but even a nonholder transferee may often enforce the instrument.
Are mortgage loans transferred by negotiation--meaning indorsement and physical delivery of the promissory note-or by sale contract, or by recordation in land records?