individual account

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Individual Account

An account at a brokerage, bank, company or anywhere that a single person is responsible for debits and credits thereto. An individual account contrasts with a joint account and a partnership account, both of which may have more than one account holder.

individual account

A brokerage account opened in the name of one person. Compare joint account.
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The survey revealed that couples who maintain individual accounts do so for a variety of reasons, ranging from independence (30%) to emergencies (21%), and use a wide range of account types (18%) such as savings, business and more.
an individual account pension equivalent to 1/120 of total accumulations on individual accounts to be drawn as a lump sum or annuities.
Social Security program, as put on the table by the SSAC: investing a portion of trust fund assets in equities, adopting "add-on" individual accounts invested in equities, and using "carve-out" individual accounts invested in equities, redirecting a significant portion of current payroll taxes while sharply reducing the guaranteed social insurance benefit (cf.
Under current law, benefits are a direct function of average earnings; under a plan with an individual account and benefit offset, benefits are partially a function of average earnings and partially a function of the investment returns received on the individual account.
And if supporters of individual accounts win control of the Senate while maintaining control of the House, they might well try to enact a Social Security plan resembling a commission proposal.
Similarly, workers with longer life expectancies, especially women, will have to save disproportionately more since their individual account savings will have to last longer than those of men.
There is no charge to open an individual account at Personable.
Under an individual account system, mobile workers might not merge accounts when they change jobs.
Yet another option would be to have partial privatization, with some investment in individual account options and the rest left in a base safety net system.
The archives of the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society, which came to the Hagley Museum and Library in March of 1993 after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation liquidated the bank's assets, contain two types of records with information on PSFS individual account holders.
The value of the bond is added to each person's individual account at retirement.
The five systems that will be discussed are as follows: sales routing, individual account sales plans, sales supervisor "workwith" programs, compensation systems and quotas.

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