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ITO films deposited at 200[degrees]C and 225[degrees]C are in amorphous state while the film grown at 275[degrees]C is identified as polycrystalline indium tin oxide with a cubic structure.
The microstructure of the coating consists of highly oxidized regions with increased amount of indium and tin oxides (Figure 6(a): area marked as 1) mixed with metallic tin rich regions (Figure 6(a): area marked as 2).
"Reactively evaporated films of indium sulphide," Physica Status Solidi (A), 106(1): 123-131.
The temperature dependent elastic model and Anands viscoplastic model have separately been used to describe mechanics of constitutive relationship of underfill and indium bumps.
The base peak of indium porphyrins complexes was observed 100% intense giving evidence about the stability of complexes of indium porphyrins.
In general, such a red-shift occurs upon increasing the mole fraction of indium. Our XRD profiles in Figure 2 reveal, however, that the indium content increased only slightly.
As shown in Table 1, the [E.sub.g], derived from the crosspoint at the hv-axis with the tangent to [([alpha]hv).sup.2], sharply increases and then gradually decreases with increasing indium concentration.
A new class of indium catalysts developed at the University of British Columbia could allow for faster synthesis of stereoblock PLA that is more tolerant to impurities like water.
SMG Indium Resources Ltd ((OTCBB: SMGI, SMGIW, SMGIU), a company that purchases and stockpiles the metal, indium, has signed a definitive purchase agreement to sell USD7.5m of its common stock in a private placement offering to entities affiliated with Raging Capital Management LLC.
5 May 2011 - Sunrise Securities and Rodman & Renshaw are the joint book-runners for the common units sale of US-based SMG Indium Resources (OTCBB:SGMEU), the latter said on Wednesday, when it priced the offer.
Johnson will discuss key drivers that have contributed to the mounting value for South American Silver over the last year and into 2011 including compelling supply/demand dynamics for the high-technology strategic metal, indium, emerging new high-technology uses for silver and the announcement of a $31.9 million strategic investment by a key regional player, Zamin Precious Minerals, which will allow the Company to advance its Malku Khota project into feasibility and Escalones project to the resource definition stage.
The company also offers polymer-based silver conductors for use on indium tin oxide (ITO) transparent conductor oxide layers for front side grid applications in thin film copper indium selenide (CIS), copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) and amorphous silicon cell structures."