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Commercial Paper

An unsecured, short-term debt security issued by a corporation. Commercial paper is usually issued at a discount from par, and is a popular investment with mutual funds. It usually is issued in large denominations (over $250,000) and has a maturity of less than 270 days, with most maturing within one or two months of issue. It is a highly liquid investment and forms part of the money market. It is often simply called paper.


A short-term unsecured note. This is generally used interchangeably with the term commercial paper.


Short-term, unsecured debt securities that a corporation issues are often referred to as paper -- for short-term commercial paper. The term is sometimes used to refer to any corporate bonds, whether secured or unsecured, short or long term.


Slang for promissory notes.If a seller is willing to provide some or all of the financing for a property, the seller would say,“I'm willing to hold some paper.” Lenders who specialize in loans to borrowers with less-than-ideal credit histories are said to specialize in B paper.

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