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Finally, the company said that its board remains committed to acting in the best interest of all its stockholders and will review the revised unsolicited, conditional indication of interest in due course.
Also, Amer Sports reminded its shareholders that this indication of interest is subject to a number of conditions and that completion of any cash tender offer by the consortium would be subject to further conditions.
Amongst Em CS, Category-1 CS is more frequently associated with adverse neonatal outcomes than other indications of Em CS (Non-Category-1 CS).10,11 The rationale of this study was to compare neonatal outcomes between Category-1 and Non-Category 1 Primary Em-CS.
The draft guidance, "Indications and Usage Section of Labeling for Human Prescription and Biological Products-Content and Format," describes the FDA's recommendations for how to clearly convey such information and addresses circumstances where FDA regulations require that other information, in addition to the identification of the disease or condition, be included in the Indications and Usage section.
The most frequently noted indication was previous CS, followed by fetal distress, and poor progress of labor.
The company believes it was the first-ever evidence of clinical benefit of an asparaginase-based product in a solid tumour indication.
We subdivided the total number of colonoscopies by indication and then calculated the adenoma detection rate (ADR), the polyp detection rate (PDR), the proximal ADR, defined as the prevalence of patients with at least one adenoma detected proximal to the splenic flexure, and the distal ADR, defined as the prevalence of patients with at least one adenoma detected distal to the splenic flexure, for the group of gastroenterologists.
Saima Rafique et al noted that foetal distress contributed in 17.5% as an indication for caesarean sections in their study.
Dastgir said that Geographical Indication Law is the need of the hour and will enhance visibility of several Pakistani export items in the international market.
Greece registered part of its wine with the European Commission with the Macedonia geographical indication as early as 1989.
Japanese Encephelitis vaccineC Indication: India, some other countries in Asia and Western PacificC Validity: Three doses (0, 7, 30 days), booster every two yearsC