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The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship among students' reports about their goal orientation, self-efficacy and self-regulated strategy use and their academic performance in a Computer Literacy course as indicated by course grade.
This year, 81 percent indicated that rotations were valuable, with 55 percent citing the rotations as "extremely valuable.
One-way ANOVA results indicated no significant difference between Naive (M = 26.
Fifty-five percent of the participants were former teachers, and 16% of the participants indicated that they had been special education teachers.
Unless otherwise indicated, any differences between the employer-based disability managers and the expert DM groups are not significant.
About a 50/50 split between cupolas and electric furnaces in larger foundries is indicated.
In terms of required course activities, participants indicated that they preferred the required offline activities to the required online activities.
Given that the respondents indicated that over 50% of their co-workers whom they knew personally made negative remarks about gay and lesbian individuals, it is clear that whether based on fear or other personal beliefs, sexual orientation is perceived as something that "matters" in the workplace.
Results of frequencies indicated that 29% of the respondents disagreed, and 41% agreed that they had anxieties in relation to music and music education.