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I am grateful for the opportunity to give such a meaningful present that is close to my heart and my Indian roots.
The How to Guide for Tracing African-American and West Indian Roots Back to Africa and Going There--For Free or on a Shoestring Budget by James E.
WHEN West Londoner Jay Sean dropped out of medical school to forge a career as a hip-hop artist he wasn't merely turning his back on a way of life, but he was also making a stand against his Indian roots.
Tilda has strayed beyond its Indian roots with a new range of sauces under the Rizazz banner
By the time she graduated she was alienated from her parents and so ashamed of her Indian roots that for years she was embarrassed to admit that she was a Mohawk who had attended a residential school.
To achieve this goal, the corporate vice president and unit's chief operating officer has drawn on his strong West Indian roots.
Occupying almost half of South America's landmass, this fifth-largest country in the world has its own rhythms, culture and language, Portuguese inflected with idioms from its African and Indian roots.
Vera Aparecida Ribeiro dos Santos is a Brazilian Dominican sister with Indian roots.
As the global economy continues to scale and people migrate to different parts of the world, these same people need to keep in touch -- to continue exploring their Indian roots and contacts," said Ganesan.
At heart, Chopra cannot shake off his Indian roots, but he didn't shy away from taking on some painstaking legwork.
British Royal household has a new found Indian link with a DNA analysis directly linking King-to-be Prince William to Indian roots inherited from his maternal side.

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