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Kenneth Robbins writes in his Introduction: "The movement to innovate and create Indian contemporary art in modern style has flourished because it evolved from the dynamic tension of maintaining both--the organic growth from Indian roots and the expressions of individuality....
Madheshi leaders accuse the Nepalese government of treating them as outsiders and not as part of Nepal due to their Indian roots. More than 40 percent of the Madheshis still do not have citizenship or voting rights and only 15 percent of the 330 Nepalese parliamentarians are Madheshis.
She later ventured into home, and her products--dishes, bowls, candlesticks and sculptural pieces--reflect her Indian roots as well as her own specific point of view.
spoke of Indian roots: the eagle-like nose and dark eyes watching silent
She spent four momentous years studying in England and published four volumes of poetry, largely through the auspices of her mentors, Arthur Symons and Edmund Gosse, the latter encouraging her to draw greater inspiration from her Indian roots (pp.
Samantha Crain played at the Westgarth not too long ago and this American songwriter with native Indian roots wooed the Deer Shed public with her stories as well as songs.
This has led innovative restaurateurs to embrace their Indian roots and the result has been a gradual growth of eateries specialising in cuisines such as Parsi and Naga and the result has been a hit.
All the writers have strong Indian roots through many live outside the Southeast, and all of them speak of past and present as well, making for a volume strong in Indian heritage and experience as well as modern worldviews from a Native American perspective.
Kaurina's is channeling its own Indian roots to address the needs of health-conscious consumers.
They discuss Buddhism in Chinese literature, the Chinese god Nezha and his Indian roots in stories about Nalakubara and Krsna, the role of the god Yama in India, the conceptions of the figure of the Buddha in terms of sex, the Asoka legend in the Wuyue period, how major monasteries in premodern China constructed monastic family lines going back to India, the legends of Bodhidharma for understanding the origin of Chinese Chan Buddhism, nirvana and insentience in Buddhism, and Daoism.

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