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It used its Indian roots to deliver a product that is tailored to India.
By filtering the epic through the sensibilities of Filipino artists, the production shows us our Indian roots and its enduring impact on our culture.
Although of Indian roots, the bindi has transgressed racial barriers and has reconstructed itself to accommodate issues of womanhood any female can relate to.
Kevin Gover, director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, suggested that if the team wanted to keep its Indian roots, they should change the name to Washington Americans.
The building opened in mid-2004 and was hoped to be a "link'' for the next generation to their Indian roots.
Mamnoon Hussain is from Agra and knows what the people of both the country want and I hope that he would initiate positive steps for understanding the frustration, pain and concern of Indian people towards Pakistan", Khurshid who was here on a two day tour of his parliamentary constituency said when news persons referred to Pakistani president's Indian roots.
While "Ship of Theseus" doesn't shy away from its Western-inspired influences, the film fully embraces its Indian roots.
The third section is devoted to religion and death with three papers on the author's search for Indian roots, the religious motifs in Under Kilimanjaro, and a look at Hemingway, Africa and the 'stages of death'.
In the report, you will see that these organizations have truly become "glocal" citizens, spreading Indian Roots on American Soil and actively participating in the communities in which they operate.
She brought the tempo down briefly for Unfaithful, Hate How Much I love You and California King Bed before returning to the stage in sequined bra and denim hot-pants for a set that paid homage to her West Indian roots with What's My Name, Rude Boy and Pon De Replay.
Although the Nazis first believed that the Roma were fellow Aryans because of their Indian roots, they quickly qualified that decision, declaring that 90 percent of Roma were not pure-blood Aryans but rather mixed race and therefore carriers of degenerate blood and criminal tendencies.
The couple will wed at Ingliston Equestrian Country Club in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, then have a ceremony in Glasgow to reflect Kush's Indian roots.

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