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Low precision, which arises from the fact that automated indexing does not check for rare expressions but indexes common words or phrases.
Tulic (2005) lends support to human indexing, saying that, "to date, no one has found a way to provide computer programs with the judgment, expertise, intelligence, or audience awareness that is needed to create useable indexes.
* Is a folder metaphor sufficient for organizing the images, or is more sophisticated indexing needed?
* Is custom validation of data for indexing needed?
When clients do come to him, it is Shambo who unveils the indexing concept.
After he outlines the advantages of indexing, Shambo finds most clients are "keenly interested," especially in the potential tax savings.
The procedure also requires the use of an indexing system for the electronic storage system.
(For example, there is uniformity in the choice of fields from the records used to construct the various search indexes and also uniformity in the way in which search keys such as keywords or personal names are extracted from these fields and normalized for indexing.) In contrast to distributed search approaches, a union catalog almost trivially ensures consistent query interpretation--for example, the application of personal name algorithms and the treatment of case and punctuation in search terms in the user query.
Because all records in a central union catalog are indexed in the same way, and all searches are processed through common software, searching and indexing consistency is almost axiomatic in a centrally managed implementation.
Both authors have been careful to provide new indexing, that is, they have confined their work to collections not previously included in published song indexes.
He goes on to make his argument by saying, "The best indexes are those made by technical writers who have the ability to be objective about their work, who understand what a good index is, and who have mastered the mechanics of the indexing craft."
The former primarily hold creditor interests--not indexed assets--so few of their holdings would be eligible for indexing. Conversely, property REITs principally own section 1231 assets, and the 90% rule would mean all of such stock would be eligible for indexing.