index of industrial production

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Index of Industrial Production

An index of the total output from manufacturing, mining, and utility companies. The Federal Reserve Board compiles the industrial production index and publishes it monthly. It is seen as an indicator of macroeconomic trends. A high industrial production index indicates that economic growth and is seen as good for stockholders, especially in industrial sectors. A low industrial production index indicates that industry is falling, which is bad for stockholders, but good for bondholders, as the Fed may use the index as a reason to cut interest rates. Low industrial production also means that there are fewer inflationary pressures on the economy.

index of industrial production

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The present study depicts index of industrial production during 1975-76 was 79.
Index of Industrial Production (IIP): IIP is a measure of change in the volume of production of a fixed set of products at constant price for all producer units and separate subdivisions thereof.
Meanwhile, the Index of Industrial Production growth rate for March this year has been revised to 3.
Manufacturing, which accounts for three-quarters of India's Index of Industrial Production, grew by 2.
Index of Industrial Production (IIP) mining recorded a growth rate of 9.
To date the peaks and troughs of these recessions, the committee has mainly relied on four monthly measures: The Federal Reserve Board of Governors index of industrial production, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates of payroll employment, Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates of real manufacturing and trade sales, and the BEA estimates of real personal income less current transfers.
The Federal Reserve's related index of Industrial Production in manufacturing similarly grew 0.
In November the Federal Reserve Board will publish revisions to the index of industrial production (IP), to the related measures of capacity and capacity utilization, and to the index of industrial use of electric power.
The growth, measured in terms of the index of industrial production for May, has been revised downwards to 2.
Brokers said offloading of positions occurred ahead of the release of Consumer Price Index inflation data for May and Index of Industrial Production data for April due today.
The Quick Estimates of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) with base 2004-05 for the month of February 2014 have been released by the Central Statistics Office of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.
The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth during the period April-December in 2012-13 has been 0.

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