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Forty-one pediatric index cases and 114 family members were included in this study.
The high percentage (57/257 or 22-2%) of new cases having an index case in the household emphasises the continuing need to screen and follow up the asymptomatic contacts of newly diagnosed leprosy patients as suggested by Vijayakumaran et al.
The comparison of the endogamy rates between index case VS Father and Index case VS Mother showed a non significant difference p> 5% , whereas the difference is significant (p <a) for Father VS Mother.
In addition, a quasi-price index was calculated with the index case assuming a value of one.
That brings it to 10 and the 10 includes the index case.
The aim of this article is to examine the protective effectiveness of a ceiling-mounted mixing air delivery system at various (1) supply flow rates, (2) exposure periods, and (3) index case infectiousness.
Index case in each family was selected on the basis of H/O early onset symmetrical MD (at the age of 2 to 3 years) having characteristic clinical features of DMD, positive Gower's sign and with markedly elevated S.
Nine outbreaks accounted for 58 (49%) of the 118 cases and, in 6 outbreaks, the index case acquired measles abroad; the source of the other 3 outbreaks could not be determined.
Concentrations of 2,3,4,7,8-pentaCDF were significantly elevated in the index case and in 15 others who ate beef and vegetables raised by the individual.
The index case was a 12 year-old male who consulted the Health Centre of Kaniasso in Minignan Health district on 5 September.
042), suggesting that heterosexual transmission of HIV is more a function of viral load than sex of index case.