independent variable

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Independent variable

Term used in regression analysis to represent the element or condition that is expected to influence another (so-called dependent) variable.
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Independent Variable

In technical analysis, a variable whose value is not determined by the value of other variable(s), but rather determines the value of those other variable(s). For example, if a product's price is determined by some equation involving the product's supply and its demand, supply and demand are independent variables because together they determine the product's price. See also: Dependent variable.
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independent variable

A variable that is not affected by any other variables with which it is compared. For example, in comparing the price of an electric utility stock with interest rates, the interest rates are an independent variable because they are not affected by utility stock prices. Compare dependent variable.
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independent variable

a variable that affects some other variable in a model. For example, the price of a product (the independent variable) will influence the demand for it (the DEPENDENT VARIABLE). It is conventional to place the independent variable on the right-hand side of an EQUATION. See DEMAND FUNCTION, SUPPLY FUNCTION.
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This chapter will provide the consequences, associations and effects among the dependent and independent variables and will also discuss the influence of one variable on another.
The above table describes all independent variables, i.e.
The results of the correlation matrix of the dependent and independent variables are given in Table II.
Caption: Figure 10: Simulation results for a branch pathway system under different experiment environments (independent variables [x.sub.5] = 0.6, 0.3 and 0.9) with various initial conditions: the initial conditions are set at [1.6 1.6 0.4 1.6] (black solid lines), [2.2 2 1.6 2.3] (red dashed lines), and [2 1.2 2.3 0.8] (blue dashed lines) for the case x5 = 0.6, at [1.6 1.6 0.4 1.6] (red solid lines) and [2.7 1.6 2 0.4] (blue dashed lines) for the case x5 = 0.3, and at [2.7 0.4 0.4 1.6] (black solid lines), [1.6 1.6 0.4 1.6] (red dashed lines), and [0.4 2.7 0.4 2.7] (blue dashed lines) for the case x5 = 0.9.
Results for this data show that all independent variables are independent from each other by a comfortable margin.
With net cost of operations as the dependent variable and the POM (w/OCO) as the independent variable, we can make a prediction for the FY2016 net cost of operations that will appear in the Statement of Net Cost.
The comparisons of the final BCVAs between the cases with or without these five significant independent variables are presented in Table 6.
Therefore, with larger database and larger numbers of independent variables and hidden neurons, the training time would be longer.
In case of direct causal effect of leadership styles on the dependent variable, job satisfaction, the significant path coefficients for H6, H7, H8, and H9 affirmed that all four independent variables have direct effect on the level of job satisfaction.
* Choosing the economic indicators--after the identification of independent variables, we search for other adjacent factors that are liable to influence the respective variable and that can be included in the regression equation.
Regarding to the tests and analysis that were done in chapter 4 by regression and correlation and as can be see in figure(4-15) we found that there is a coefficient of positive correlation between the independent variable and control variables with accuracy of profit forecast in accepted companies existing in the Iranian capital market and the value is 0.311.

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