independent broker

Independent broker

NYSE member who executes orders for floor brokers and firms other than its own.
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Two-Dollar Broker

A broker who conducts trades for another broker's client because the second broker is too busy to do so. The commission the client pays goes to his/her own broker, but the two dollar broker receives a portion from the other broker. Originally, this commission was $2, but now it is negotiated between the two brokers.
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independent broker

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has announced that it has signed an agreement to purchase a minority stake in Prague-based independent broker Renomia a.s., the company said.
"Verlingue has the ambition of being a leading family owned independent broker in the UK, and the combination of ICB and Finch will create a great platform from which to build," said Jacques Verlingue, chairman of Verlingue and its parent company, Adelaide Group.
Jobson James manages millions of pounds of insurance premiums as an independent broker.
Silverman began her 15-year real estate career working for an independent broker until merging her growing business with Warburg Realty.
John Pieri said: "As a relatively small independent broker we needed to look for a bigger partner and H&H Insurance Brokers ticked all the boxes for us."
It will be headed by Martin Murphy, who has worked in property finance for nearly 20 years with financial heavyweights including Barclays, Nationwide, NM Rothschild and Anglo Irish, as well as working as an independent broker and consultant.
The local broker could enlist the help of another larger, independent broker with the scale and depth to serve the larger company.
The 1,891-square-foot unit, 15A, has two-bedrooms, 11-foot ceilings and was listed for $2.6 million with independent broker Fionn Campbell, who declined to comment.
BiB Insurance, the North-east's biggest independent broker, has warned that companies need to minimise the risk as much as possible.
Pendergist said the group decided to leave National Financial Partners, one of the top 10 independent broker dealers in the world, because of WFG's ease of doing business and its exclusive capital markets desk.
By the end of 2006, WebBusiness will be able to integrate with the three major agency software systems used by more than 90% of their independent broker agents in Canada.
Turner elected to outsource its EDC plan administration to provide ease of access and accountability for accurate recordkeeping, and it works with an independent broker for coordination with the insurance company in addition to a plan administrator.

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