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Agreement between lender and borrower that details specific terms of the bond issuance. Specifies legal obligations of bond issuer and rights of bondholders. An indenture spells out the specific terms of a bond, as well as the rights and responsibilities of both the issuer of the security and the holder.
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A contract for a bond. An indenture sets the terms of the bond; for example, it includes the coupon rate, the period until maturity, and whether the bond comes with any special features like convertibility or whether it is callable. All bonds must have an indenture. Indentures are usually summarized in a bond's prospectus.
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A legal contract between a bond issuer and its lenders that specifies the terms of the issue. Typical provisions are the amount and dates of interest payments, name of the trustee, maturity date, collateral, restrictions on dividends or other borrowing, and specifics of a sinking fund or potential calls. It is the trustee's job to ensure that the terms of the indenture are fulfilled. Also called bond indenture, trust deed. See also covenant.
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An indenture is a written contract between a bond issuer and bond holder that is proof of the bond issuer's indebtedness and specifies the terms of the arrangement, including the maturity date, the interest rate, whether the bond is convertible to common stock, and, if so, the price or ratio of the conversion.

The indenture, which may be called a deed of trust, also includes whether the bond is callable -- or can be redeemed by the issuer before it matures -- what property, if any, is pledged as security, and any other terms.

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Further, pursuant to the terms of each supplemental Indenture, the amendments to the applicable Indenture became effective at the effective time and shall thereafter bind every holder of such series of notes.
To get a sense of the changes that companies may be facing, we compiled a sample of 89 indentures filed with the SEC between 2014 and 2016 by the top 20 public companies (by market capitalization) for each market sector identified in the S&P 500.
Each indenture requires the valid consent of the holders of a majority in aggregate principal amount outstanding of the relevant notes for the adoption of the proposed amendments and for the execution of an amended and restated indenture giving effect to the proposed amendments.
This of course doesn't help John, except to reiterate that there is not a copy of his indentures, apart from the one he has lost and his only hope is that somewhere someone has retained the old Alfred Herbert employee records of which he will be part of.
If the indentures were signed between the parish and an employer they can often be found in the county records offices and solicitors' accumulations.
Because it was a private arrangement between the parents and the master the indentures themselves are not usually found in record offices or archives unless they have been deposited as part of family or solicitors' collection.
In 1867 in the Ambrose case, the North Carolina Supreme Court, in an opinion written by a Republican justice, revoked court-ordered indentures that had been made without the apprentice being in court.
Studies on immigration and indenture in the Caribbean have traditionally tended to be narrowly focused on imperial policies, or on specific migrant groups (mainly Indians), or on specific territories.
Other covenants inserted in bond indentures can have a significant anti-takeover effect.
A significant number of outstanding indentures (albeit still a minority) do not provide these protections for minority noteholders.