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Donnelly contact information of current incorporators so she could lobby them to vote against the proposal or obtain their proxies if they could not attend.
Near the end of his term, the undisclosed business interests increased to six, as he allegedly became incorporator, president, board chairman and stockholder of Puerto Princesa Bee Foods Corp.
Oscar Rodriguez, chairman of the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability, said he plans to invite Arturo Soriano, one of the incorporators of PH Trams, the company that bagged the MRT maintenance contract.
It turned out that the house was previously registered in the name of Wilfredo dela Cruz, brother of the incorporator.
In addition to creating the customized forms businesses need to incorporate, Incorporator Pro software also explains the legal and tax options available to business owners, so that they can make informed decisions that are right for their companies.
Poe said the OSAA learned the house with the address its members went to was previously registered under Wilfredo de la Cruz, brother of the elusive incorporator.
He was an incorporator of: the Alliance for Education, which gave him an award as "an outstanding friend of education," and Advocates for Excellence in Public Education.
But the court, in its March 3 resolution, said the prosecution did not present any proof that ADF incorporator 'Sally Z.
Worcester Art Museum, Worcester Historical Society, Tatnuck Country Club, and was an incorporator of Higgins Museum.
Vitangcol's first graft case before the Sandiganbayan was for allegedly irregularly awarding without public bidding the MRT-3 maintenance contract to PH Trams-CBandT joint venture where his uncle-in-law Arturo Soriano is an incorporator.
He served as an incorporator and member of the board of directors for Bay State Savings Bank.
Van Volkenburgh, a charter incorporator of the Bank in 1991 and its first Chairman, resigned to devote more time to his personal and business interests.