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Along with incorporative memories, traumatic memories may reside in an individual's body.
On the other hand, as it was already said, Butler suggests that as a subject refuses to grieve the masculine as a possibility of love, it forms a masculine gender through heterosexual melancholy, and when the feminine is excluded as an object of love and this exclusion is never grieved but always preserved, then, a feminine gender is formed through the incorporative fantasy which inaugurates the process.
The Tuscarora and other tribes powerful enough to resist this incorporative logic did so with great resolve.
If anything, this broadly incorporative method most strongly supports the view, advanced by some scholars, that the Court did not follow anything like the modern Intentionalist method during its first one hundred years.
The incorporative ritual was held during the night, and all the members of the new initiation set waited in front of the men's house dressed in their splendid attire, which had been prepared by their own mothers or sisters, as markers of their sub-grade identities and powers.
Simmons picks up on Dominicans' popular use of sancocho--a hearty garlicky stew typically comprising beef, pork, chicken, root vegetables, corn, plantains, and rice (1)--as a metaphor for the many heritages that come together to constitute a flexibly incorporative yet uniquely Dominican ethno-racial identity.
For example, in considering the power of fairy tales from a psychological perspective, Von Franz works with Jungian archetypes, while Bettelheim, who draws on the work of Freud, particularly sees Hansel and Gretel in terms of children's dominant anxiety of being deserted by their parents where the story 'gives body to the anxieties and learning tasks of the young child who must overcome and sublimate his primitive incorporative and hence destructive desires' p.
In the author's words, "the incorporative strategy of cultural assemblage usually associated with Afro-Cuban criollismo is distinctly African in origin" (12).
With regard to the use of cognitive-restructuring interventions (e.g., GIATRs), it is noteworthy to point out that our use of GIATRs was quite incorporative of emotions (see Moriarty & Davis, in press, for a description of this intervention and for a copy of the GIATR).
We are not only members of the new fellowship, a corporative view, but all are also present in each member of the new community, an incorporative concept.
For Lezama, what is American would have an incorporative pathos which allows it to enrich the European, African and Eastern traditions; and entails inverting the desiring vector of colonization, thus showing the unifying power of such an incorporation through the path of desire and image, masterfully expressed in Hispano American baroque.