income stream

Income Stream

The money a company generates on a regular basis. For example, a company may have a steady income stream from its primary client, and periodic revenue from other, smaller clients. An income stream connotes steady pay. See also: Cash flow.

income stream

A steady flow of money from a property.When evaluating the property, one has to evaluate the strength and durability of the income stream.

Example: Is the tenant a national tenant with good financial strength, excellent prospects for continued health, and a 20-year lease on the property with rent adjustments annually to reflect cost-of-living increases, or is the tenant a start-up business with a 1-year lease in an area already saturated with similar businesses? Those two income streams are markedly different from each other.

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The Government has today released exposure draft legislation to ensure that a reversionary Transition to Retirement Income Stream (TRIS) will always be allowed to automatically transfer to eligible dependants upon the death of the primary recipient.
Synopsis: Most non-retired investors value having a guaranteed income stream in retirement, aside from Social Security.
Fixed immediate annuities for a guaranteed income stream
To protect yourself from being financially crippled, its good to start looking for another income stream, whether its your own business or investments.
Find the discount rate the factoring company has applied to the income stream to arrive at the lump-sum amount.
Great business for existing operator as add-on or entrepreneur looking for a solid income stream.
Pre-income stream flexibility--There is broad flexibility for clients to change the income start date; select or change multiple income stream start dates; increase or decrease income stream(s); or opt in or opt out of income stream(s).
The higher the percentage of assets required to produce the income stream, the more a guaranteed product may be needed.
That income stream can be provided by fixed annuities.
In November 2006, Prudential Financial launched Highest Daily Lifetime Five, which guarantees an annual 5% income stream for life based on 5% annual compounded growth on the highest daily protected value.
But when the corporate sector starts paying down debt while the household sector continues to save, a leakage to the income stream equivalent to the sum of household savings and corporate debt repayment is created.
Paul then sells his business to the Company for $5 million, payable as a lifetime income stream.