income dividend

Income dividend

Any payout to mutual fund shareholders resulting from interest, dividends, or other income.
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Income Dividend

In mutual funds, a dividend distributed to shareholders that comes from the dividends or interest on the stocks or bonds represented in the mutual fund. It does not include income from the capital appreciation of the mutual funds. Income dividends are taxed as ordinary income at each shareholder's marginal tax bracket; they are not taxed as capital gains. See also: Capital gains distribution.
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income dividend

A distribution of dividends, interest, and short-term capital gains by an investment company to its shareholders. This type of dividend is taxed at the recipient's marginal rate. See also capital gains distribution.
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(NYSE:KF) has said that its board of directors has declared a net investment income dividend of USD0.60784 per share and a long-term capital gain distribution of USD4.61824 per share.
The taxability of a dividend distribution is the same whether the distribution is in cash or portfolio stocks or securities; thus, the distribution will be treated as an ordinary income dividend, exempt-interest dividend, or capital gains dividend, as the case may be (see Q 7886).
The company will distribute USD2.60 per share, consisting of a capital gain distribution of USD2.52 per share; and an income dividend of USD0.08 per share.
Although the United Kingdom withdrew the ACT (Advance Corporation Tax) system in 1999, the Court nevertheless found that both it and the FID (Foreign Income Dividend) systems were contrary to Community law.
The dividend is payable as a foreign income dividend. Interim pre-tax profits climbed to pounds 83.7 million with sales up six per cent at pounds 600 million.
An ordinary income dividend and a long-term capital gain distribution totaling $1 per share were paid in December 1991.
The letter ruling refers to Section 512 (b) (1) of the Internal Revenue Code, which excludes from unrelated business taxable income dividend and interest, among other items.
The Fairholme Focused Income Fund (Nasdaq:FOCIX) distributed an ordinary income dividend of USD0.07942 per share, it declared on Saturday.
The interim dividend has been increased from 2.3p to 2.5p and will be paid as a foreign income dividend.
In 1996, investors also picked up an additional tax free Foreign Income Dividend.
A final dividend of 13.85p, paid as a foreign income dividend to help pension fund shareholders with advance corporation tax problems, gives an increase of 10.5 per cent for the year and puts the shares on a yield of 3.5 per cent.
1368(e)(3) to distribute E&P first, A has a $30,000 ordinary income dividend. (Of course, in this scenario A still retains his $30,000 stock basis.) If, on the other hand, A had a zero basis for his stock before any distribution, a Sec.