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The cheque was bounced by the bank with remarks 'due to amount in figure not correct and inactive account, which attracted sections 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 468 (forgery for the purpose of cheating), 471 (using as genuine a forged document), and 467 (forgery of valuable security) of PPC besides 489-F (dishonestly issuing a cheque).
Being aware of these options will help you decide how your online information will be treated when you log out permanently.Google has a feature called "Inactive Account Manager".
A few tech companies allow you to identify an online heir, which Google calls an "inactive account manager" and Facebook calls a "legacy contact." Apple has no formal process to pre-identify a digital heir (even if you share a family iCloud account), but Apple support can provide help that might vary by the state you live in.
Google provides an Inactive Account Manager as well as a form here to close the account of a deceased person, as well as request funds or data from it.
#2 Sign up for Inactive Account Manager If you have a Gmail account, use Inactive Account Manager to specify an e-mail address that will be automatically notified three months after your Google account goes inactive.
The report also said that about 66 percent of the inactive account holders in India have a mobile phone that can be used more efficiently as a banking channel.
According to the index, inactive account in the past year remained at 5% for the comparison period, below the regional average of 7.1% and the global figure of 21.6%.
Google, for example, has an Inactive Account Manager enabling users to decide either that all their data should be deleted after a certain period of inactivity, or that notification of inactivity should be given to a nominated person who will be able to download all authorised data.
refund to the respective accounts on the next working day, except an amount of Rs260 million which could not be duly credited for various reasons such as closure of account, inactive account, incorrect account number provided by the claimant etc.
Google offers an Inactive Account Manager that allows a user to make a few choices about what happens to his or her account if it's been inactive for some user-set length of time.
After getting the insurance data, they offered bonus or attractive deals to inactive account. Currently, they got car owners data and floated a fake car- breakdown service company," Singh explained.
In 2016, LPL said it planned to end its mutual-fund direct business, which lets its advisors hold brokerage mutual fund investments directly with sponsors, on April 10, 2017; it also explained that its new fund-only accounts will not entail IRA custodial fees, trading (or ticket) charges, inactive account or confirm fees, and fees for "systematics."