in rem

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In Rem

Describing a lawsuit or other action directed at a property rather than a person. That is, one files a lawsuit in rem if there is a dispute over ownership of property and one wishes the court to determine the real owner. In rem actions are most common in disputes involving land.
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in rem

Meaning “against the thing.” Lawsuits regarding title to real estate,or claims against real estate, are said to be in rem, so they must be filed in the state and county where the property is located.

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The measure would speed up the current in rem process by one year to two years for residential property and one year for commercial property.
Does this mean that the pace of in rem property rehabilitation sponsored by the city is being overwhelmed by the rate of unredeemed in rem property takeovers?
However, there's another question I want to raise about the rehabilitation of in rem apartment properties: Why isn't the work being done by the private market?
State Senator Kemp Hannon, rightly, I think, pointed out that if we don't resolve the problem of water metering costs, we could see a replay of the in rem situation of the 1970's.
The length of the in rem process was a concern in that building are being taken very quickly, not for non-payment of taxes, but simply for non payment of a water bill.
"People don't know about changing these addresses, said one property manager who recently spent time waiting at Central In Rem to pay off the taxes on a property whose owner had not filed a change of address.
In that past, the commencement of in rem actions were made randomly, and it often took several years for a property to show up on a city list.
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Upholding the reasoning of the circuit court of Cook County, foreclosure proceedings under the Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law (735 ILCS 5/15-1101 et seq) are not in rem, but quasi in rem actions, the Illinois Supreme Court has held.
Nonetheless, "in the current study, we did not fred significant differences in REM sleep time and REM activity between children with and without internalizing disorders."