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The marketing of new securities, usually through sales to institutional investors. See: Float.


The act or process of selling a new issue of a security to investors. Most of the time, a placement must be registered with the SEC before it can actually take place. See also: Private placement.


To sell a new securities issue.


an aspect of DISTRIBUTION concerned with ensuring that a firm's products are available for consumers to purchase at appropriate locations.


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Let's take a sobering look at the implications of aging in place from the real world perspective of four very involved groups:
With NEC's AFIS in place, the Providence Police Department can now focus on what it does best - keeping the community safe.
If we are able to open these drive-ins as now scheduled and continue to do so through fiscal year-end, a base of operations would be in place to support a 15% earnings growth rate for fiscal 1998.
Now we can connect to client's existing database systems, integrate their Web operations seamlessly with the business systems that are already in place and even harness SQL code to easily target our clients' Web customers -- all with built-in templates and plug-in modules.
The INS intends to expand the IDENT system, now in place with 120 TouchView units at 70 agency locations, to what will ultimately be multiple installations at each of its 500 border, ports-of-entry and other offices.
Still, the INS remains optimistic that the system can be in place by the set deadline.