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Martial law in perpetuity is a scenario that neither the President, Congress or the Supreme Court will allow as it is patently unconstitutional,' he said.
This past December, the School Committee voted 4-1 to waive the fees for just one year and not in perpetuity.
To ensure that the BBC retained some kind of record of published output, it was also decided that the system would store in perpetuity all metadata associated with content whether in- or out-of-scope.
Publisher shall have the sole and exclusive right throughout the universe in all languages and in perpetuity to use and exploit all all or any part of the Properties and all or any material contained therein or prepared therefor, whether or not used therein, in any format or version, by any means and in any media, whether now known or herein after developed.
Baker's legacy continues in the form of The Joanne Baker Prize, to be given in perpetuity at the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition, recognizing that she is "known throughout the United States and the world as one of the most charismatic and exceptional musicians and teachers by her students and colleagues.
A restriction (granted in perpetuity on the use that may be made of the red properly.
Hamburg's politicians, who earlier championed a MediaPort project on the site, have been convinced by the architectural and financial plans, to the extent that the city has agreed to donate the rooftop site in perpetuity in the hope of gaining a German Bilbao.
In exchange, the tobacco companies agreed to make annual payments in perpetuity to the states, subject to certain conditions and adjustments.
No new graves have been dug since 1975 and only families that bought a grave in perpetuity before that year may still bury their loved ones here, provided they stack them on top of other family members.
He said that the source of the problem-tooling--can be a positive through the use of a tooling development royalty, which is paid in perpetuity every time a foundry-designed tool is used.
Roughly $20 billion invested would create a billion dollars a year in perpetuity.
Rather than having the symphony recognize the gift by naming it the "Wartmann Organ," the 64-year-old donor submitted a 60-word dedication (inset) to "all creative people who have succumbed to AIDS" that would appear on the organ and in symphony programs in perpetuity.