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A previously due payment that has not been made. For example, because preferred stock has guaranteed dividends, a company is legally required to pay all dividends on preferred stock before it makes any dividend payments on common stock. If the company does not do so, usually because it has become cash poor, the preferred dividends are said to be in arrearage. This is also called being in arrears.


(1) Being past due on a debt.(2) Paid at the end of the period rather than the beginning. Rent is usually paid in advance,at the beginning of the month for the coming month.Interest is usually paid in arrears,at the beginning of the month for interest accrued during the prior month.Real estate taxes are usually paid in arrears.

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Lenders have a variety of measures in place to help borrowers who are in arrears
The Central Bank has set out specific performance targets for banks to ensure borrowers in arrears will be put on more sustainable solutions.
Mr Asghar said: "The Welsh Government must discover why the number of tenancies in arrears in Caerphilly is more than three times the number in Blaenau Gwent or Merthyr Tydfil.
Mr Stonock added that some tenants believe that they can operate their tenancy in arrears because they have made a deposit.
Where problems arise, they tend to concern tenants in cheaper properties: across the UK, the average rent of tenants in arrears was pounds 472 per month in July, which is 30% below the average monthly rent.
With no such thing as a rent holiday this Christmas, our advice to anyone in arrears is to get in touch.
In condos, more than 5 percent of unit owners are in arrears in approximately 39 percent of the buildings, almost double the rate for cooperatives.
The Canadian Pavilion Investment bears interest at 22 percent per annum, payable quarterly in arrears, of which 11.
9% of residential mortgages are in arrears while almost 19% of buy-to-let property owners are in trouble.
NATIONALISED lender Bradford & Bingley said today the proportion of its mortgages in arrears was slowing, despite predicting increased numbers of repossessions this year.
YHN has 18,252 current tenants in arrears, although in many cases they owe small amounts.
Cllr Tony O'Neill, cabinet member for finance and equalities, said: "This action sends out a powerful message to all those taxpayers who are in arrears and who have been avoiding payment or are simply refusing to pay.