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A previously due payment that has not been made. For example, because preferred stock has guaranteed dividends, a company is legally required to pay all dividends on preferred stock before it makes any dividend payments on common stock. If the company does not do so, usually because it has become cash poor, the preferred dividends are said to be in arrearage. This is also called being in arrears.
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(1) Being past due on a debt.(2) Paid at the end of the period rather than the beginning. Rent is usually paid in advance,at the beginning of the month for the coming month.Interest is usually paid in arrears,at the beginning of the month for interest accrued during the prior month.Real estate taxes are usually paid in arrears.

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The court did not concur with the tenant's effort to shift responsibility for the delivery of possession of the premises to the landlord and issued a judgment both against the tenant and his guarantor for rents in arrear, means profits until the delivery of possession and damages to the premises.
The Sukuk will pay an expected return at a rate of 6% per annum, payable semi-annually in arrear from (and including) the issue date for a period of five years, and thereafter at a rate, reset and payable semi-annually in arrear, reflecting the initial margin above the then prevailing six month Emirates Interbank Offered Rate.
The senior unsecured bonds are expected to bear interest of between 4-4.5%, payable quarterly in arrear, and will be convertible at a price equal to a premium of 30%-50% over the volume weighted average price of the company's shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange between launch and pricing, subject to a minimum reference price of NOK178.
The bonds, which are convertible into common shares, are expected to have an annual coupon of between 3.625% - 4.625% payable semi-annually in arrear and a conversion premium of 30% - 35% over the volume weighted average price of shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE), converted in EUR, between launch and pricing.