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1. See: Activity.

2. In insurance, any deed, especially one that foregoes the possibility of coverage. For example, life insurance policies rarely extend coverage if the policyholder commits suicide. In this case, the suicide is called an act.


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The patient acknowledged, however, that "taking the overdose was a stupid, impulsive act.
Suicide is often an impulsive act and may be triggered by a variety of events (e.
For years I felt like an intruder until an impulsive act altered my path forever.
The earliest reports of Basel's Fasnacht, which begins each year on the Monday following Ash Wednesday, date from 1376 when Duke Leopold III, the lord of the city, held a tournament on Munsterplatz, after which a tumult broke out during which four noblemen were killed and twelve burghers beheaded for their impulsive act.
Her impulsive act of conscience sparked a black boycott of the bus system for 381 days, until Montgomery's resistance collapsed and a 27-year-old Martin Luther King Jr.
Aside from morality, the insensitive or, let us say, impulsive act of the father was a classic case of botched human relations.
Suicide among teens is frequently an impulsive act (often involving alcohol and drugs), and ready access to guns increases the chance of success, since people are least likely to survive suicide attempts involving firearms.
Coroner Ms Anita Bhardwaj said Iain did not mean to take his own life, but it was "an impulsive act on his part".
She said she was certain Jordan had not intended to kill herself and that taking the overdose was an impulsive act after mistakenly thinking she was being dropped by the mental health team, and could subsequently end up in prison.
exposure via DirecTV, "The Slap" arrives on NBC with a sensational cast and ambitious premise, following the repercussions of one impulsive act from multiple perspectives as it reverberates through numerous lives.