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The act of adding something to a property such that it increases the property's value. For example, if one builds a house on a piece of land, the land usually becomes more valuable. Thus, the house is considered an improvement.

Land Improvement

The addition of buildings or beauty to a piece of real estate. A land improvement can be as simple as a new coat of paint or a better maintained lawn, or it may involve something more complicated like tearing down an existing house and building a mansion. In any case, a land improvement increases the value of the property. It is sometimes simply called an improvement.


Valuable additions to land intended to increase its value.

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The accelerated depreciation on leasehold improvements originally "sunset" on December 31, 2005.
Wynne, will look at process improvement across the Service.
Third: The development activities, such as obtaining subdivision entitlements and constructing the improvements, should be performed by the S corp as the developer--not the selling partnership.
Tax advisers can review prior-year returns and documentation to determine if land improvements were correctly classified, and if bonus depreciation is available.
The combination of training and technical improvements has led to higher production.
Fior says the plan encompasses several other programs, including one that would see improvement on building facades, as well as others for signage improvements, streetscape improvements, and if needed, further infrastructure improvements.
Earlier versions of the legislation rated schools according to their year-to-year improvements in the share of their students who achieve a certain proficiency level.
An essential component of quality improvement efforts is performance measurement, the quantification of processes and outcomes by using one or more dimensions of performance (2).
In a build-out-allowance inducement package, the landlord offers a prospective tenant an allowance to make improvements for the tenant's benefit.
and the Department of Finance, TEI recommended that the Department of Finance consider adopting a diminishing balance aggregate pool system that would permit taxpayers to recover the capital cost of leasehold improvements made to real property made by, or on behalf of, the tenants.
It seems reasonable to suppose that, at the very least, the existence of OBRA guidelines has focused nursing homes' attention on needed improvements.