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The act of adding something to a property such that it increases the property's value. For example, if one builds a house on a piece of land, the land usually becomes more valuable. Thus, the house is considered an improvement.

Land Improvement

The addition of buildings or beauty to a piece of real estate. A land improvement can be as simple as a new coat of paint or a better maintained lawn, or it may involve something more complicated like tearing down an existing house and building a mansion. In any case, a land improvement increases the value of the property. It is sometimes simply called an improvement.
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Valuable additions to land intended to increase its value.

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Qualified retail improvements are costs associated with improvements to interior portions of a nonresidential building that are open to the general public and used in the retail trade or business of selling tangible personal property to the general public.
In 2016, a tenant moves into the building and makes qualifying improvements to the interior of the building (i.e., not internal structural framework, escalator, or elevator).These improvements are not qualified leasehold improvements depreciable over 15 years under Sec.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, superbly organized, and deftly presented, "Executing Lean Improvements: A Practical Guide with Real-World Healthcare Case Studies" is especially recommended for professional and academic library Business Management Studies reference collections.
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* Employee improvement teams seek and search out opportunities to make improvements in the company;
The accelerated depreciation on leasehold improvements originally "sunset" on December 31, 2005.
* "Kaizen": Kaizen is a recurring concept emphasizing small, continuous, never-ending improvements. Students stand and go through the Kaizen hand play--"little by little, bit by bit, I'm improving every day"--to aid them in remembering this important concept.
It was developed to enhance and replace the use of multiple process models, while preserving the government and industry investments in process improvement. By combining multiple models into a single model, the CMMI has enabled the use of common terminology, common components, common appraisal methods, and common training material across multiple disciplines.
And, the Baldrige integrated management model allows the campus to make more targeted improvements and major changes in a relatively short time frame.
Functional integration of the inpatient medication system and the outpatient medication system is increasingly being recognized as a critical requirement for effective improvements in patient safety.

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