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The act of adding something to a property such that it increases the property's value. For example, if one builds a house on a piece of land, the land usually becomes more valuable. Thus, the house is considered an improvement.


An increase in the value of real estate achieved by changing its configuration or by adding to it. Also called land improvement.
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This model may be best represented by organizations which approach quality improvement through the use of pilot projects.
Given reliable data about patient outcomes, they can consider changing practice habits and adopting practice guidelines that will lead to improvement in the processes of care for their patients.
Batson stressed that success using quality improvement is gradual and continuous, but not usually immediately obvious.
The advantage of mistreatment this sort of service for house improvement is that you just get the selection of appropriate time for the work to be done.
Fifty-nine percent referred to administrative issues; even so, this was an improvement from two years ago.
Many firms develop formal profit improvement teams with executive leaders on the team.
The improvement is placed in service more than three years after the date the building was first placed in service; and
So, in 2001, the company initiated an intense, two-month effort to analyze its key finance processes, to develop a list of best practices based on external benchmarking, and to design a plan to implement those improvements that would result in the largest, quickest productivity gains.
Monitoring performance in each of these areas will assist facilities in identifying areas of high-level performance and areas needing improvement.
Improvements desired: More detailed client organizer, improved carryover information, expanded asset records, amended New Jersey return, improved New York nonresident capabilities.

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