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The price of improved land in most parts of the country is much lower than can be accounted for by the quantity of waste land at market, and can only be fully explained by that want of private and public confidence, which are so alarmingly prevalent among all ranks, and which have a direct tendency to depreciate property of every kind.
Karachi -- Minister Planning and Development Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani has said that the security safety and development of poor male and female farmers of Sindh has always remained the first priority of PPP government it is therefore we allotted thousands hectors of irrigated land to indigent farmers in previous government and passed resolution for writing off interests on agricultural borrowings this he said while addressing an inaugurating ceremony of a project named Improved Land Tenancy in Sindh started with donation and assistance of European Union and food and Agriculture Organization of the United nation in a hotel here in Karachi .
Social justice in land titling and improved land administration and management in the country were recently added on the list of promises made by Environment Chief Roy Cimatu.
Cimatu said improved land administration and management is one fo the major programs of the DENR this year.
Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu said improved land administration and management is one of the major programs of the DENR this year.
The commission works with the Planning and Zoning Department to maintain the unique beach community character while working toward a vision of improved land and water uses.
2-acre improved land parcel is immediately adjacent to US Routes 1 and 9, and less than one mile from I-78, Exit 14 of the New Jersey Turnpike and Newark Liberty International Airport.
The farm extends to 360 acres, all of which is improved land with approximately 25 acres kept for silage.
A complete offering that includes a Legal, turn-key Brothel, a busy and popular restaurant and of more than 62 acres of improved land.
It is clear from the climatic trends that we shall have more floods and with improved land management the effects can be reduced.
That this radical land redistribution, emphasizing improved land tenure security, along with greater access to land for women occurred in the context of Western sanctions makes it more impressive.
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