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import restrictions on certain countries, such as China, on which the U.S.
Villar's resolution recalled that the law signed by President Duterte on February 14 mandated the lifting of rice import restrictions amid government hopes this will 'make the food staple more affordable to Filipinos.'
Government data showed that Indonesia exports $1 billion worth of products, mainly palm oil, to the Philippines while Manila is only allowed to export $50 million mainly due to import restrictions.
South Korea has been placing import restrictions on 28 kinds of fish caught from eight prefectures near Fukushima since September 2013 on concerns over their radiation levels after the nuclear power plant accident.
According to the Nikkei, Japanese beef industry is coveting the market of China, which has not yet removed import restrictions over Japan's beef products.
The Japanese Government will spare no efforts to secure the removal of unjustified import restrictions on Japanese food products.
Australian coal exports from the key harbour of Newcastle slid by 28 percent over the course of November to 7.1m tonnes amid the start of Chinese import restrictions, port data showed.
Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo issued the statement after thanking the Senate for passing the administration bill seeking replace the import restrictions on rice with a tariff system.
The coins at issue were covered by Designated Lists negotiated with Cyprus and China, respectively that imposed import restrictions on coins minted during Cyprus's Hellenistic and Roman eras and during China's Zhou through Tang Dynasties (a period of about 2,000 years).
China's tariffs and import restrictions have caused an 8-14% price decline in zorba - the residual metal mixture left over after scrap shredders have extracted all high purity metal from end-of-life vehicles and white goods- since April, noted Sood, who also believes there are limits on how much scrap shredders such as Schnitzer can lower their buying costs.
To prevent any major crisis in Gaza, the fuel import restrictions must be lifted, added Haq, and urge the donors to provide USD 4.5 million to cover the emergency fuel until the end of the year.
The Treasury lifted the import restrictions on sugar in May last year to alleviate a crippling shortage before the August election.