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Esthetic grafting for small volume hard and soft tissue contour defects for implant site development.
Primary stability is the immobilisation of the dental implants at the initial stage of healing and achieved by press-fitting of the implant into the undersized-prepared implant site.
An appropriate surgical approach is vital for the exposure of the implant site and following ABI implantation.
INTRODUCTION: Orthopedic implant site infection is one of the major constituent of surgical site infection associated with high morbidity and mortality.
The critical stress can be estimated from critical stress curve for overload or underload, in this case the information about Von Mises stress is needed to predict that condition together with the information about density of the implant site [10].
In case the CS1 elevator doesn't guarantee a watertight system due to an inadequate mineralized bone (D3, D4) or implant site overpreparation, it will be necessary to use the CS2 elevator, inserted by an implantology contra-angle
Biopsies of the implant site showed muscle regrowth in all five patients.
However, analyses of the implant site locations (maxilla or mandible, anterior or posterior) in this study had no influence on the percentage agreement of length and width in the different stages of planning and implant placement, suggesting that the contribution of CBCT to the prediction of implant dimensions was not related to the location of the implant site; in both studies, CBCT exams led to a safer decision.
The patient must initiate the implant care regimen immediately after surgical placement with one-stage system, after exposure of the implant site in the two-stage system and upon premature exposure of the implant healing screw in the two-stage system [30].
However, such hydrogels cannot be delivered by catheter to an implant site for expansion and implant development.
A stronger interface means that implants and bones will be better able to share mechanical loads, and we can better preserve healthy bone and soft tissue around the implant site.