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The construction of an asset and a liability match that benefits from offsetting changes in value.

Price Immunization

A strategy of matching assets to future liabilities. That is, price immunization involves investing in certain securities with a certain expected return so that the investor will be able to pay for future liabilities. Pension funds and annuities use price immunization more than many investors because they have future liabilities that are both large and relatively easy to estimate. Portfolios that practice price immunization usually invest in low-risk, investment-grade securities. See also: Portfolio dedication.


A technique of investing in bonds such that the portfolio's target return is protected against interest rate fluctuations. Changes in returns at which cash flows can be reinvested are offset by changes in the value of the securities in the portfolio. See also bullet immunization.
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Although the concept of qualified immunity was drawn from defenses existing in the common law at the time 42 U.
17) This desire has arguably shaped qualified immunity more than any other policy justification for the doctrine.
To answer these questions, I undertook the largest and most comprehensive study to date of the role qualified immunity plays in constitutional litigation.
There are four types of immunity, according to (http://dictionary.
Sovereign immunity to protect government agencies from being sued, and
25, De Lima filed a motion for clarification, asking the court to determine whether a presidential immunity constituted a prejudicial question that should be decided first before the issuance of her request for the writ.
the court to consider presidential immunity in the case when the President had not yet invoked it.
Like most issues, the scope of a waiver of sovereign immunity differs by jurisdiction.
For example, in Georgia, a state entity can be held liable for creating nuisances, while Georgia counties enjoy immunity for the same claim.
In any case, the immunity enjoyed by certain employees of UN agencies is related only to actions resulting from their carrying out of their duties.
sovereign immunity recognized by the Fourth Circuit.
jus cogens sovereign immunity exception would not be a matter of pure