immediate family

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Immediate family

Term used in the NASD rules of fair practice to refer to one's parents, brothers, sisters, children, relatives supported financially, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law.

Immediate Family

Close blood relatives, in-laws, and every person one supports financially. FINRA prohibits providing broker-dealer services to members of one's immediate family. In life insurance, the beneficiary of the death benefit is almost always a member of one's immediate family.

immediate family

Close relatives by birth or marriage including siblings, parents, children, in-laws, and any financial dependents. The National Association of Securities Dealers restricts financial transactions between a broker-dealer and his or her immediate family.
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After studying various employee benefit plans, the PEEC concluded that, provided certain safeguards are in place, all immediate family members should be allowed to participate in all employee benefit plans with the exception of certain share-based compensation arrangements or nonqualified deferred compensation plans.
The study showed that mothers are central to children's lives - 96 per cent named their mother when asked to say who was in their immediate family, but 26 per cent said they did not count their father as immediate family.
Many Christian conservatives, including some in my immediate family, already view people on the left generally as godless heathens.
Services to (1) certain corporate managers who serve in financial reporting oversight roles or (2) their immediate family members.
Provide tax services to certain members of management (and immediate family members) who serve in financial reporting oversight roles at an audit client.
Regulation Y creates a rebuttable presumption that an individual and the individual's immediate family members act in concert.
Health chiefs have reassured parents of children at the school the risk is low and immediate family of the child have been given antibiotics as a precaution.
CIC is fast-tracking existing applications of Family Class applicants under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act who have been and continue to be seriously and personally affected by the disaster and who have immediate family members in Canada.
The financial affairs of his immediate family were suffering.
p191) That meant that Heimo and his family could continue living in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge until the death of the last immediate family member.
The EHP Instructions to Authors (EHP 2003) defines a competing financial interest thusly: "Competing financial interests may include, but are not limited to, grant support, employment (recent, present, or anticipated), and personal financial interests by the authors, immediate family members, or institutional affiliations that may gain or lose financially through publication.
Onstage, immediate family members delivered original, one-minute monologues.

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