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Subjectivity in relation to objectivity has to be taught in architectural education; and an architect learns to provide for the immateriality of space by learning through materiality.
Liveness, immateriality, the common good: the apparent liberation of information from material constraints is celebrated in the positive new models being invoked, from the benevolence of the gift economy to the creativity of maker culture, the collaboration of crowdsourcing, and the generosity of open-access scholarship.
As Kirschenbaum concludes, 'computers are unique in the history of writing technologies in that they present a premeditated material environment built and engineered to propagate an illusion of immateriality' (2008: 135).
Here are pure, simple substances that express (in part) an urge to immateriality. 1 am told someone of odd learning and striking intelligence once held similar views, and fed them twice a day their weight in flowers.
Lawrence's work does partake of the generic contrast between a Victorian materiality and a vital modern immateriality to some extent (the very terms of Woolf's Bennett essay), but while the other family chronicles make much of architecture as a profession and houses as a metaphor, there is little of that in the Brangwensaga.
As Pedro Gadanhohas suggested to me, architecture fiction is a necessary corrective to the accelerating immateriality and fictional nature of architecture itself (personal email ...
Plantinga seems to hinge the purported immateriality of beliefs on the purported immateriality of their contents, and the purported immateriality of their content on the purported immateriality of belief.
In addition, sense is given to the dialogue that Canals established with Kantian criticism, by keeping in mind that a "thinking realism" which affirms knowing in its immateriality confronts the danger of idealism.
First, condoning managerial misstatements on the basis of immateriality arguably has a negative impact on investor confidence because whenever courts find a misstatement to be immaterial as a matter of law they are effectively concluding that shareholders will receive no relief even where the statement was made with full knowledge of its falsity and with the requisite intent to defraud.
In the case of the electronic sphere of being, we speak of the immateriality, therefore we can speak of beings whose existence is immaterial, in contrast to physicality.
The origins of the form predate contemporary resistance to the world of uploaded, socially networked, infinitely replicated memories, and its appeal is far deeper than mere resistance to the immateriality of modern communication.