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A chamber for receiving the imagesetter, chamber size about 1 250 mm wide, 900 mm high, 1200 mm deep,
The Barco Gigasetter is a high-quality imagesetter for extremely large film sizes up to 96.
A newspaper shopping for a new imagesetter, however, would be a different story.
In the typical print-production process of today, computer files are output as film from an imagesetter.
By developing the Intelli-Punch for Ultre* 72- and 94-pica recorders (including the new Vision models, which accept dry-silver film and come with Color Quality Registration technology and user-defined Film Advance Correction for greater accuracy), RTI brings the possibility of punch registration to the low end of the color-capable imagesetter market.
The shop should also use a densitometer to compare the imagesetter output against expected values.