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Restoration of masticatory function by microsurgically revascularized iliac crest bone grafts using enosseous implants.
Limited data is available nationally as for at donor site morbidity is concerned after harvesting the iliac crest bone graft.
Qualitative and quantitative diferences between bone graft obtained from the medullary canal (with a reamer/irrigator/aspirator) and the iliac crest of the same patient.
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(d) The TF plane was deeply stained, but the PPS was preserved (ES, erector spinae; QL, quadratus lumborum; IC, iliac crest; EO, external oblique muscle; IO, internal oblique muscle; TA, transversus abdominis muscle; PPS, posterior pararenal space; * TAP, transversus abdominis plane; TLF, thoracolumbar fascia; TF, transversalis fascia).
The medical and dental history revealed that in 2015 an excision of moderately differentiated mucoepidermoid carcinoma at the upper right posterior molar region and hemimaxillectomy were carried out with simultaneous reconstruction by a FRF of the iliac crest (Figures 5 and 6).
Thanks to the high potential for regenerating bone [30], BMSCs from the human iliac crest are important for bone tissue engineering notwithstanding patient age [31, 32].
In current study we used the bone graft which was taken from iliac crest for reconstruction which was fixed with Caspar plating after vertebral body resection (figure 2).
It is very likely that health professionals, both manual therapists and others, have been diagnosing and treating patients in part by associating spinal levels with scapular and iliac crest landmark rules that are now known to be inaccurate.
No differences occurred between chronological and biological age, weight, height, sitting height, bicipital, tricipital, and iliac crest skinfolds among playing positions as well as in body composition (fat percentage, fat mass, muscle mass, and bone mass) P>0.001.
A clinical diagnosis of Ameloblastoma was made and the patient was operated with Left side hemimandibulectomy with reconstruction of mandible with bone grafting from Iliac crest and the specimen was sent for histopathological examination.