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Under the settlement, the company will implement a suite of idling reduction measures including training all drivers, posting anti-idling signs, performing periodic walk-throughs of school bus lots to ensure that no excessive idling occurs, and notifying all school districts of Connolly s policy against excessive idling.
If you would like to do your own calculations about how much idling is costing you and your company, this calculator could help you: www.
Whether rising gas prices could change idling habits remains to be seen, but industry experts say anecdotal evidence suggests other driving behaviors have changed.
If a car will be sitting for longer than 10 seconds, it will require less gas to restart the car than to leave it idling for several minutes.
Contrary to popular belief, idling isn't an effective way to warm up most car engines.
These four schools were selected because of the prevalence of reported asthma among the student population and potential exposure to TRAP from nearby major roads and idling school buses (Hochstetler et al.
Sixteen states, including California and Nevada, have already limited idling times, some to as little as three minutes.
According to a source who didn't wish to be named, the idling was announced to Etowah employees the morning of Sept.
During the operation, NYSDEC officers together with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection issued 43 tickets for excessive idling and an additional 163 tickets to diesel truck operators for various air and safety regulation violations.
A new report by the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund estimates that idling cars and trucks generate some 130,000 tons of the leading greenhouse gas carbon dioxide each year in New York City.
Students created posters, decals and brochures that encouraged parents and school bus operators to stop idling their vehicles while waiting to pick up or drop off students.