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Finally, we agree with Ewer, Keller, and Olson that if a firm has separable asset groups that are idle, it should not include these assets in property and plant but should report them in an investment category.
They discovered that, depending on the amount of traffic in the network, devices in power-saving modes spend 60 to 80 percent of their time in idle listening.
System Silencer also allows you to run certain files after your computer has been idle for a period of time, like a screensaver or a search utility that needs an idle processor to index your system.
"We went after idle power because it is the most common usage," Patel said.
theater," Idle said at the rooftop after-party at the Standard in downtown Los Angeles following the show's bow at the Ahmanson Theater.
During the idle period, company officials will also evaluate mine water disposal issues raised by a recent court ruling that water, which naturally accumulates in the Buchanan Mine, may not be deposited in the voids of the nearby VP 3 Mine.
3 : not based on anything real or serious <an idle threat>
When they take breaks, most truckers idle their engine--sometimes for more than six hours--to use the heat, television and microwave in the truck's cab, their "home away from home."
PC Nev Thompson from Solihull North police station said: "We now have dome hawk CCTV cameras watching the areas where buses idle.
Idling for five minutes a day in a small car will burn 38 liters of gas a year and release 88 kilograms of carbon dioxide (twice as much in a large car.) For every thousand small and large cars that idle for five minutes a day, that's 132 tonnes!
The myth we are trying to investigate is the one that says it is better to let your engine idle because shutting it down and restarting it wastes more gas.
Typically, 10 percent of a corporation's assets are idle and/or surplus.