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a means of portraying arithmetically the enduring equality between two (or more) VARIABLES that are equal by definition. For example, £1 = 100p (or $1 = 100¢), and no matter how many pounds (or dollars) we have, they can always be converted into pennies (or cents) by multiplying by 100. Identities are generally given a three-bar ‘identity’ sign (=) to indicate that the value to the left of the three bars is identical to the value to the right of the sign. The QUANTITY THEORY OF MONEY is one of the best-known examples of an identity in economics, written as:

where M is the money stock, V is the velocity of circulation of money, P is the general price level and T is the number of transactions undertaken. See EQUATION.

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In addition, the Centre would serve as a training and education centre allowing for long-term training in forensic anthropology, archeology, pathology, DNA identity testing, scene of crime management, use of ICMP's Forensic Science Database Management System, fDMS, as well as a centre for educating the families of the missing regarding their rights and the missing persons process, including the forensic process.
The deal, expected to close in the second quarter of 2011, will help the buyer to solidify its US presence and strong brand name in identity testing and also to establish its presence in the UK.
Some topics examined include faster generation of random spanning trees, linear systems over composite moduli, instance-optimal geometric algorithms, randomized self-assembly for exact shapes, and blackbox polynomial identity testing for Depth 3 circuits.
Markets include clients involved in human identity testing, food safety, biological methods used in counter-terrorism and biological natural disasters.
Orchid Cellmark is a leading international provider of DNA testing services for human identity testing and agricultural applications.
But the FDA is also issuing an interim final rule that provides a petition process for manufacturers who wish to request an exemption from the cGMP requirement for 100% identity testing of specific dietary ingredients used.
Complement currently does DNA profiling and human identity testing on behalf of the defence in criminal cases.
This license covers all in vitro human diagnostics with the exception of human identity testing and detection of pathogens for blood bank screening and plasma fractionation.

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