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a means of portraying arithmetically the enduring equality between two (or more) VARIABLES that are equal by definition. For example, £1 = 100p (or $1 = 100¢), and no matter how many pounds (or dollars) we have, they can always be converted into pennies (or cents) by multiplying by 100. Identities are generally given a three-bar ‘identity’ sign (=) to indicate that the value to the left of the three bars is identical to the value to the right of the sign. The QUANTITY THEORY OF MONEY is one of the best-known examples of an identity in economics, written as:

where M is the money stock, V is the velocity of circulation of money, P is the general price level and T is the number of transactions undertaken. See EQUATION.

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Answering the need for fast identity testing results without compromising accuracy is one additional service, the company said.
Evaluation of control by pentagram on the digital keyboard (Panel a); Initial instruction (Panel b); AB Matching-to-Sample Tests: Auditory sample stimulus and six comparisons after response to the sample (Panel c); AA Identity Testing: Window to produce the auditory sample (upper), windows of auditory comparison stimuli production (with speakers) and selection windows (with drawing of the hand) (Panel d); AB Training: Auditory sample stimulus and four comparisons after response to the sample (Panel e); and, Consequences of correct response in training (Panel f).
Knowledge of emerging issues in the field are also crucial, such as identity testing, carrying insurance and having the rightly qualified director of QC or QA.
Genetics and genomics of core short tandem repeat loci used in human identity testing. J Forensic Sci 2006;51:253-65.
"For cases in which microscopy alone cannot distinguish contamination from patient tissue," he continued, "use of molecular identity testing, or even re-biopsy, may be needed.
It would also allow for the development of a DNA laboratory system, starting with a facility to collect and store biological samples for DNA identity testing and culminating in the creation of a high throughput DNA laboratory.
Genetics centers around the world offer all manner of prenatal diagnosis, cytogenetic laboratory services, molecular genetics, cancer genetics, clinical genetics, identity testing, and paternity testing services.
Fluorescent labeling techniques and machines that perform capillary-based electrophoresis are largely replacing agarose and acrylamide slab gel-based electrophoresis for providing DNA fragment sizing which is so important in human identity testing and other PCR product sizing, as in determining chromosomal translocation breakpoints.
We encourage AHPA to instead use its resources to improve the quality of valerian supplements in the marketplace, as there are products containing little of their listed ingredients." Under the current GMPs, identity testing is mandatory for all dietary ingredients.
The deal, expected to close in the second quarter of 2011, will help the buyer to solidify its US presence and strong brand name in identity testing and also to establish its presence in the UK.Country: , USASector: HealthcareTarget: Orchid Cellmark IncBuyer: Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp)Deal size in USD: 85.4mType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
M-payment will continue to proliferate for some applications but it will take other advances in identity testing to make credit cards fully redundant

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