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Taking into account all of the above, the mathematical formulation of the structural damage identification problem takes the following form:
Unfortunately Ricardo's identification problem again stands in the way.
Therefore the backward identification problem is an ill-posed problem.
Optical sensors are able to acquire colour [5], shape, texture, and other optical features [6] and in many cases it is a multiclass [7] identification problem. Optical properties relay on lighting condition, which makes isolating objects from environment and implementing artificial lighting source some of the most important key points of the system to work properly.
Section 3 details the formulation of the structural identification problem of interconnected nonlinear systems where two iterative procedures are proposed.
They considered the rumor identification problem as a problem set.
In the rest of the paper, it is also termed as the multireader cloned tags identification problem.
This study proposes to solve the identification problem with the use of evolutionary algorithms.
Problem in learning nursery rhymes, poor short-term memory, difficulty in learning new names, letter identification problem and disliking for reading books are also the signs of SLD.
Sazaklioglu, A note on the numerical solution of an identification problem for observing two-phase flow in capillaries, Math.
In October, Southern Nuclear responded by giving DHEC a timeline of events that led to the identification problem and laid out the mitigation measures underway to prevent future lapses.
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