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Basu said that he did like to link modern giraffes with fossil specimens to illustrate the process of evolution and they hypothesized that the suspensory ligament had allowed giraffes to reach large sizes that they otherwise would not have been able to achieve.
Although we had hypothesized that there would be greater student satisfaction with tutored groups, this was not found.
Traveling less distance (undershooting) implies a less energy expenditure and thus we hypothesized that the undershoot bias was due to a more general energy-minimization bias.
Thus, it was hypothesized that the 83% known condition would lead to the largest number of retained items.
After attempting to correct for the differences in SG & A spending due to accounting treatment, no correlation between hypothesized SG & A drivers and actual SG & A spending exists.
In this study, we hypothesized that the bone-marrow derived stem cells labeled with GFP injected into the tail-vein of an adult min mouse will migrate to the various regions of small intestinal tumors in the irradiated min mouse.
Contemplating the concept of a true inner heart, located in the center of the body in the lower abdomen--even as ancient Greeks once hypothesized was at the base of the spine--Joy And Evolution addresses how to unlock the power of this hidden heart and enrich one's own life.
We hypothesized that the model would be predictive both for adolescents in general and separately for minority and nonminority adolescents.
It was hypothesized that approaching snack intake as medication administration would ensure reliable delivery by staff and promote resident cooperation.
The researchers had hypothesized that, at the very least, the postmenopausal runners not replacing estrogen would experience significant bone mineral density loss.
It is hypothesized that long-standing pressure swings and pulsations in the cerebrospinal fluid might be a factor.
It was hypothesized that salamander species diversity will differ from one forest community to another, suggesting the ecological niche that each species prefers.