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However, between 4 percent and 14 percent have moderate hyperopia, with often goes undetected and untreated.
They found that children whose eye examinations indicated untreated hyperopia performed significantly worse in the test than their normal-sighted peers.
Concave and convex lenses are used to diverge and converge light to bring the rays of light exactly on the retina in myopia and hyperopia respectively.
There is great variability in moderate hyperopia prevalence among children and adolescents in these studies, even among those using similar methodology, such as the studies that followed the Refractive Error Study in Children (RESC) protocol (5).
The company believes that the data support its claim that the Sunrise LTK patient population achieves an improvement in vision due to a reduction in the amount of their preoperative hyperopia.
We believe that the Sunrise LTK System offers the potential for a safe, fast, and effective way to improve the vision of people with hyperopia, which occurs in many individuals as they reach age 40.
Hyperopia or farsightedness--An eye that is shorter than normal makes near vision blurry.
The modern refractive surgeon has a variety of options available to treat patients with hyperopia who wish to be independent of spectacles and contact lenses.
The VISX STAR(TM) is capable of correcting myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia without the need for additional devices such as trackers and discs; I believe this is another major benefit for our customers.
50 D of preoperative spherical equivalent shift over one year prior to surgery, exclusive of changes due to unmasking latent hyperopia.
With this approval, surgeons are able to treat hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism (+0.
The Kelman Duet(TM) is designed for the treatment of mid- to high-myopia and hyperopia in non-cataract patients.