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Last year, Weisselberg was given immunity by federal prosecutors to testify in relation to the southern district of New York's investigation into the hush money payments.
Hush money: Crispian, left, with Alonza and Paul' Huge hit: Crispian Mills
If Ellen marries Mitchell, she can keep the baby and have a fabulous life; he can become a star; and Alex can walk away with a wad of hush money sufficiently large that, as Diane sweetly puts it to him, "you no longer have to go down on unattractive strangers." And indeed, that's how Little Dog ends--a Hollywood happy ending.
But it transpires that the city council has handed over a pounds 65,000 'bonus' in hush money - on condition that the size of out-of-court settlement was kept confidential.
But his own tapes caught him discussing hush money and clemency for the defendants in the break-in trial and recorded him plotting to have the C.I.A.
Regarding some 63 million yen in hush money Duskin paid to firms not to report the sale of meat dumplings, Duskin officials said there is no problem in terms of taxes as the money was already included in a revised income report.
We see them shoot up in a garbage dump, witness an earring snatch, discover the system whereby corrupt auxiliary police demand hush money in the form of one gold earring for every pair stolen, and follow helmet's thwarted efforts to try to improve these kids' lives.
The Lippo hush money thrown at Hubbell induced him to remain silent, when he was in a position to testify against both Bill and Hillary.
Of course there was no proof, said Sinclair; the families of those men had been paid hush money and sent away.
Hush money makes up for a few broken knee caps, capisce?
Many companies pay grants as "hush money" to their critics.