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human engineering

the study of the interface between people and technology with the objective of achieving a better ‘fit’ between the two. The twin objectives of ergonomics are the interrelated ones of improvements in efficiency and the provision of better working conditions. For instance, an ergonomist would be concerned to ensure that a typist's chair is of the right height to avoid back and arm strains. As well as minimizing employee dissatisfaction this would prevent productivity from being impaired by physical injury. In more complex technological environments the ergonomist is also concerned with the distribution of functions between human operators and the technology itself.

Ergonomics grew out of SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT, one strand of which was concerned with the development of technology that could be matched to the task in hand and to the human physique, and human factor psychology (see OCCUPATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY), which was concerned with the impact of environmental factors on work performance.

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An Introduction to Human Factors Engineering, 2nd Edition.
But understanding and explicitly managing user-applied forces, reaction forces, and the resulting motion constitute a large part of human factors engineering (HFE) in mechanical design.
As part of operational tests and evaluation, the coastguard required a human factors engineering evaluation to determine how well the RB-M met existing performance goals.
For example, substantial proportions of Year 1 and 2 trainees reported regular use of RCA (79 and 78 percent, respectively; p = 1), and human factors engineering (71 and 81 percent, respectively; p = .37).
Similar to human factors engineering used in building non-computerized devices, human computer interaction design testing can be extremely valuable to hone in on robust command and control of medical devices used to supply critical care to patients.
This is part of the "human factors engineering" the agency identifies as crucial to successful flight.
His specialty was an emerging field: human factors engineering.
A human factors engineering modification was submitted by the Army Research Laboratory and is being evaluated as a general fix for all HEMTTs.
The award winning PD&U department includes seven disciplines: Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Design and Graphic Design groups, TSO department includes: Compliance and Competitive engineering, a Rapid Prototyping Center, and Information Technology Center.
She works in the Office of Safety Research and Development, specializing in research related to safety effectiveness evaluations, pedestrians, bicycles, human factors engineering, and geometric design.
"In fact, human factors engineering approaches suggest that accurate, repeated calculations involving multiple steps are better performed using computer-based algorithms." She recommends that staff use preprinted and precalculated dosing guidelines.
Most industrial engineers have some training in ergonomics, which is also known as human factors engineering. Human factors engineering aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency with which human beings accomplish work, while improving the safety and reducing the fatigue and stress associated with that work.

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